Jan. 22nd, 2010

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Had no class this or last Friday, because we aren't developing anything yet at this stage. I've developed photos before, whatthefuckever, if you mess up you throw it away and make another print. But I've only ever watched my high school photography teacher develop film before, and if you fuck that up you're fucked x 36. And the room she said we were going to develop film in I am not convinced can get completely dark, like. I must have misheard her and we must do it in some other room. And she said it takes 45 minutes per person. And there are like a dozen people in the class, and only two hours of class a week to do this shit. So. What? I mean, if we are to develop this film in the room I think we are(which I am not convinced is possible), the door will have to keep getting locked and crap, and it's between the main class and the room with the enlargers. Like. Whatever. I'm probably going to screw up every one of my 15 rolls of film that I develop by myself. So that's fail x 36 x 15 = 540 FAIL.

Anyway, construction workers ALWAYS notice when you take their picture. They are the only thing worth taking pictures of downtown. Construction workers are made of win. I'm going to stalk them tomorrow morning when I'm busy getting my EYES PROBED at the ancient eye doctor's. Trying to get contacts that aren't a pain in the azz.


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