Apr. 29th, 2010 11:35 am
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I printed a photograph of my brother and my nephew on Monday and forgot to scan it before it was given to him the next morning. Oh well. It was borderless. I think the stuff looks better borderless. Whatever. Pretty sure I don't have any more class time to print photos with. I still have a couple pieces of paper left. I guess I could go in early on Friday. I have some other stuff I need to scan. I don't know if I want to start going in to this film school free lab thing to print shit or not. It's kind of out of the way and I don't know how I'd get there. I'll just send film in to York and have them develop it for starters I guess.

I'm tired of being at school in general. Eff this.

Five Hours

Apr. 21st, 2010 10:47 pm
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of Hell.

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Apr. 20th, 2010 07:28 pm
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I have the Swine AND Foamy Monkey Virus. Fml.


Mar. 23rd, 2010 10:00 pm
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The A-Team SUCKS. Hate this show.

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The Hell

Mar. 16th, 2010 10:07 am
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I don't know what the hell is wrong that my negatives keep turning out like shit. I don't even know if it's my fault or if there's something wrong with the camera.

I mean, the last roll I shot, I was using the exposure time the meter was telling me for the shots I was taking with f16. Then I was clicking down f-stops and increasing the time by the same increments, and taking the same picture with those settings, despite the meter telling me it was too much light.

And when I developed the negatives, the negatives the meter told me were exposed correctly were very underexposed, and the ones the meter told me were overexposed were correctly exposed. What the shit?

The roll before that, I took all the pictures correctly metered. Switching back and forth between f22 and f3.5. And half of them turned out, and half of them didn't. I don't know which ones. I think it was the f3.5 ones that turned out correctly.

But, what the fuck? So the meter was wrong 100% of the time on my latest roll, and 50% of the time on the one before that? I just put a new battery in that thing. This is totally irritating. I've developed two rolls so far, and so far have not been able to develop a SINGLE pair of correctly exposed negatives of the same picture with different f-stops. Could the teacher have assigned a more impossible assignment?

I just don't understand why so many of my negatives turn out completely fucking underexposed when the meter says I'm using the correct settings. I can understand if there's some giant, bright-ass sky in the picture that is going to throw off the meter, but in the majority of the underexposed negatives there's no sky at all.

Is the problem possibly that it's too light out to use 400 speed film and I should be using 100 instead? Wouldn't the meter compensate for that? Isn't that why there is a setting on the camera to select what speed film you're using? If the camera treats all speeds of film the same, why have a setting for it?

And the pictures I took in high school, and the pictures I took at my aunt's over the summer were all correctly exposed. Under- and overexposure pretty much didn't exist. I think it must have been because I think I had the camera automatically select the correct aperture. Why can I not manually set the aperture on the camera without butt-fucking my negatives? Am I supposed to completely disregard what the camera is telling me and wing the settings with some kind of superior knowledge while the camera is telling me WRONG WRONG VERY WRONG to get these negatives to turn out correctly? I'm really supposed to be able to do that in Photography 1?

Why can't I do this shit right? It is driving me up a wall. I don't know why I have an A in this class, since I clearly have no fucking idea how to use a camera.

Developing film grates on my nerves, too, though I know how to do it by now and have yet to botch a roll of film THAT way.
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Lol, on this little girls' horse cartoon on TV, all the white girls are spoiled, rich bitches, and all the "normal" kids are black or Mexican or some shit. Less importantly, all the animals have really weird accents.

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Good Times

Feb. 17th, 2010 06:14 pm
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So today the loud girl that makes photography class hell managed to smash her head in the horrible revolving tin can door to the darkroom. I think I may have been the only person that saw it.

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I wish we had a couch that wasn't either too small or too made of leather. My neck doesn't hurt now, but I bet it'll be all fucked up tomorrow, to top off my cold for when I have to go out in the five feet of snow for my nephew's birthday party.

I just remembered you use the magenta on the enlarger to make prints not gross and grey. Have to probably reprint the first print I did of the construction workers. On Monday, if we're not watching another movie about black people. On closer inspection, this lady is definitely looking directly into the camera.

This scanner scans shit too light, and there's some light blue smudge on the side of every scan. Oh well.

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Since the fuck when? Totally irritating.

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My retard photo teacher is going to Massachusetts for some convention, so she won't be in school on Wednesday, and "they" won't open the darkroom for us to use on Wednesday like the will on Friday. Fucking lame.

Also I feel sorry for this guy, because the stupid loud girl in my class claimed he was "the father of one of her kids," and the teacher said he looked like a bear from another planet. What the hell. Also you should have witnessed the outrage in the class at the idea that I take pictures of strangers. I really can't do it justice. The stupid loud girl said she wouldn't want to offend someone's religious beliefs by taking a photograph of them, and she wasn't joking.

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with me! The drugs don't go where they ought to be! When you start to bleed from your nose and fingers... Never know where you are with me! Headfuck! Headfuck! Lol. No kidding.

So the assignment for these photos was "Pittsburgh: A Beautiful Place" or some bullshit like that. But really it just looks fucking haunted. Good job, shitty camera, scanner, and neighborhood. I've decided I like these horrible scans of varying quality.

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Score: 0

Jan. 31st, 2010 12:59 am
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My first roll of film turned out okay, and the first three negatives on my second roll turned out okay. Apparently, after that, the battery in my camera ran out, so even though the light meter said the settings on the camera were correct when taking the pictures after that, they were all WRONG and the negatives didn't come out. Also I kind of botched the developing, but that only really affected one negative, which was underexposed anyhow. Yaaaaaaay.

I scanned the negatives because I was too impatient to wait until Monday to make contact sheets to see what the shit looked like. Turns out I can JUST fit one 36 exposure roll of film cut into strips of five onto my scanner. Of course, just because I can get something that resembles an image out of these horribly underexposed negatives by darkening them and upping the contrast on them to a billion times what it originally was in Photoshop doesn't mean I'll be able to do that with an enlarger. I will now force the hairy scans on you.

Roll 1:

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Especially in Hazelwood.

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Had no class this or last Friday, because we aren't developing anything yet at this stage. I've developed photos before, whatthefuckever, if you mess up you throw it away and make another print. But I've only ever watched my high school photography teacher develop film before, and if you fuck that up you're fucked x 36. And the room she said we were going to develop film in I am not convinced can get completely dark, like. I must have misheard her and we must do it in some other room. And she said it takes 45 minutes per person. And there are like a dozen people in the class, and only two hours of class a week to do this shit. So. What? I mean, if we are to develop this film in the room I think we are(which I am not convinced is possible), the door will have to keep getting locked and crap, and it's between the main class and the room with the enlargers. Like. Whatever. I'm probably going to screw up every one of my 15 rolls of film that I develop by myself. So that's fail x 36 x 15 = 540 FAIL.

Anyway, construction workers ALWAYS notice when you take their picture. They are the only thing worth taking pictures of downtown. Construction workers are made of win. I'm going to stalk them tomorrow morning when I'm busy getting my EYES PROBED at the ancient eye doctor's. Trying to get contacts that aren't a pain in the azz.
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I love living in Hazelwood. Not among Hazelwood.

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